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    Skyblock releases This Saturday! at 3 pm EST, 12 Noon PST, 8 pm GMT!
    Island Top Prizes
    1st - $150 PayPal

    2nd - $50 PayPal
    3rd - $50 Buycraft

    Finally, SadonMC has arrived! I'm stoked to finally see players enjoy the unique features that we've been working on for months! To celebrate the release of the server there will be a 30% sale on all items in the store until Feb 1st!

    Dynamic Economy!

    I've been working with my dev team to bring you the SadonMC exclusive, Dynamic Economy! No longer are the days of mono-spawner islands. This plugin will automatically adjust the prices of the specified item in the shop to keep the economy competitive throughout the entire season! Cunning players will be able to predict and capitalize on the changing prices. Make sure to diversify your island! We have configured every part of the server to allow players to easily change their island to adapt to the economy!


    Minions can perform simple tasks and much more! Upon purchasing your minion you receive a Minion Flare that can be placed on your island to spawn in the minion. You then right click the minion to access the Minion Manager, here you can set your minion mode. There are many minion modes such as Chunk Loading, Farming, Mining, Mob Grinding/Attack, and Following. Your minion can be used to complete a variety of tasks, ranging from mining at your cobblestone generator to following you around the spawn. To improve each mode Minion kits can be used. They can be purchased in the store, traded in-game, or you can get them from crates!

    Biweekly Events!

    Twice a month the server will host an event with awesome prizes that include PayPal, Buycraft vouchers, crates, and more! Some of these events will be team oriented while other will focus on individual skills. The events will be focused on pvp, buildings, and minigames. Make sure to join our discord for more information as we near the first event!

    I hope you enjoy the many features SadonMC has to offer. I've listed only a few of the features here but there are many more I want you to find on your own. We have and will continue to test all the plugins to ensure this map does not have any hiccups. As always we would love to hear your suggestions and constructive comments.

    Join our discord for special offers and important announcements,! I hope you have found this post useful and I can't wait to see you on Saturday, Jan 27th, at 3 pm EST, 12 Noon PST, 8 pm GMT

    - Thanks, Sadon​
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