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    Factions - Season 1

    Hello and welcome to SadonMC Releasing Saturday, February 24th 2 PM EST

    Overworld (corners y30) : 10000 x 10000.
    Nether: (Flat netherrack y50) 5000 x 5000.
    End: (Flat sandstone y50) 5000 x 5000.
    Mars: (Flat clay 50) 5000 x 5000.
    1 Week grace period, Ends March 3rd.
    Insiding is Bannable.

    Map 1 Features
    Tray Picks: Easily water your walls 2x as fast.
    Sand Wands: Easily clean up after stopping a raid by simply right-clicking the top of the sand stacks between your walls and watch them disappear.
    Dynamic Economy: Revolutionary economy, allows cunning factions and individuals to manipulate the market by selling their items at the right time. Deflate your enemies income, raid the ideal spawners, and stay on your toes. No longer are the days of mono-spawner economies.
    Fixed Cannoning: Cannoning has been optimized and work flawlessly.
    Harvester Hoe: The best way to farm sugarcane, allows you to harvest vast amounts of sugarcane without losing a single stalk.
    Sell Wand: Allows players to easily sell large amounts of items very efficiently. When your faction controls the outp[ost you can use a sell wand to receive an added bonus when selling from chests in your land. The bonus is not as great as when the items are sold at the outpost.
    Shockwave Pickaxe: Pretty common, 3x3 and 5x5.
    Gen-Shop: This is pretty common on most faction server but when /gen is typed a GUI will be opened that allows the player to purchase get-buckets and gen-blocks.
    Faction Strikes: This new punishment system will help deter the use of ghost clients on the SadonMC factions server by punishing the entire faction of the hacker. The hacker will be banned once proven guilty and their faction will also receive a strike. Once a faction reached 5 strikes they will be subject to a disband. It is up to faction officers to help keep the server-client free by confronting their players else they risk a disband.
    Printable Gen-Buckets: This feature allows get buckets to be printed in just like any other block. This may be slightly too op so it's is subject to being nerfed.
    75 Man Factions: This season will have a limit of 75 players per faction.
    (Your Idea Here): Make sure to leave a suggestion of the forums so we can implement your ideas in future updates!

    Wishing you the best, Sadon
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Not open for further replies.