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    SadonMC 4.0

    Release: June 23rd, 2:00 pm EST


    We have decided to go with just paypal payouts this season! We have noticed that giving the top 3 factions buycraft each week completely ruins the gameplay because no other factions have a chance. This style of payouts should be far more fair and enjoyable for everyone.

    Week 1
    1st - $50 Buycraft

    Week 2
    1st - $100 PayPal
    2nd - $50 PayPal
    3rd - $25 PayPal

    Week 3
    1st - $125 PayPal
    2nd - $60 PayPal
    3rd - $30 PayPal

    Week 4
    1st - $150 PayPal
    2nd - $75 PayPal
    3rd - $35 Paypal

    Week 5
    1st - $200 PayPal
    2nd - $100 PayPal
    3rd - $50 PayPal

    General Information

    Season 4 features 4 worlds with a total of 16 corners!

    Overworld: 8,000 x 8,000 border
    Mars: 4,000 x 4,000 border with flat terrain
    Pluto: 4,000 x 4,000 border with flat terrain
    The End: 4,000 x 4,000 border with flat terrain

    4 day grace period! TNT will enable on June 27th th at 2:00 pm EST!
    75 member factions (upgradable to 100) - 1 Ally
    100 power per player
    5 week season
    Starting eco: Cane & Saplings
    Regens: Disabled


    Dynamic Economy
    The Dynamic Economy is completely unique to SadonMC which makes it both intriguing and intimidating to new players. Once players understand the economy they fall in love with it and what it brings to the factions gamemode.

    Brief Description:
    The economy is essentially a supply and demand based economy but it’s unique in that the demand comes from the server and not the players. This allows the economy to stabilize as the season progresses. There are a few items that are dynamic at the time of writing this, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Emeralds, Ender Pearls, and Blazerods. In Order to succeed in this revolutionary economy, you must diversify your spawners so you are not affected by the highs and lows of the fluctuating prices.

    Faction Wars
    Faction Wars is a uniqu factions minigame that allows small and large factions to go head to head to earn faction points that may be used for a multitude of things. There are territories on the faction wars map that factions will attack and if they win the battle they will hold the territory for 24 hours, until the next battle in which they have to defend the territory or lose it.

    Faction Points
    Faction Points may be used to gain your faction an advantage in a multitude of ways. You may use them to upgrade your faction, get faction enchants, or use them in the faction shop to purchase buycraft items! Faction Points are earned through faction wars, event platforms, koths, and crates.

    Faction Enchants
    Faction enchants are unique enchants that are used to gain an advantage over your enemies in combat. These enchants are designed to encourage teamwork and strategy.

    Faction Shop
    Faction shop allows you to use faction points to purchase buycraft items!

    Event Platforms
    Event platforms are where minigames are hosted. We will add minigames that the community suggests. You will earn faction points and individual awards for competing in and winning these events.

    Semi Blind Grace Period
    To encourage competition we will be removing the $ value from /ftop for the first 3 days only! After the first 3 days it will be a standard ftop format.

    So ftop will look something like this
    1.) FactionName1
    2.) FactionName2
    3.) FactionName3

    Instead of this
    1.) FactionName1 - $900,000
    2.) FactionName2 - $750,000
    3.) FactionName3 - $670,000

    Tray Pickaxes
    Tray Pickaxes enable players to water their walls twice as fast a

    Sand Wands
    Sand Wands allow players to easily clean up the annoying sand stacks between their walls after being raided. Simply right-click the top block of sand in a stack and watch the stack remove itself!

    Tray Pickaxes
    Tray Pickaxes enable players to water their walls twice as fast as ever before! To use one just break the top block of a wall and watch the netherrack or dirt on either side completely disappear!

    Faction Caps
    Faction caps change color based on your factions relationship to other players. An enemies helmet will be red, allies purple, faction green. I would like to emphasize that these caps are purely visual and you are not actually wearing a leather helmet!

    Chunk Loaders
    Chunkloader load spawners in a radius of 16 blocks just like an afk player would! They also load the chunk they are placed in. Chunkloaders may be considered overpowered so we have made their raidable! You can easily right click to move or raid a chunkloader.

    Client Side TNT Optimization
    Large cannons wont drop your fps as much!

    Sell Wand
    Efficiently sell the loot in chests!

    Harvester Hoe (Sell Mode)
    Easily harvest a huge amount of sugarcane very efficiently. You can right click the harvester hoe to put it into sell mode and automatically sell the sugarcane as you harvest.

    Shockwave Pickaxes
    3x3 and 5x5

    Enemy Claims
    If you are logged out in enemy claims for more than 10 minutes you will be automatically sent to spawn on your next login. You can't /back into enemy land.

    Gen Buckets
    Cobblestone, Obsidian, and Sand vertical genbuckets, Cobblestone, Obsidian, and Dirt horizontal genbuckets.

    Faction Permission
    Custom faction perms GUI making it very easy to interact with.

    Easily store a limited amount of tnt in a virtual vault that makes transporting TNT to a raid much easier.

    Spawner Protection
    Spawners act like sponges so water will never touch them. Spawners are also scatterable.

    Chunk Busters
    Chunkbusters enable you to trench an entire chunk to bedrock in just seconds!

    Everyone gets access to /tntfil to make raiding much more fun!

    Sellwands have been integrated with the outpost so you no longer have to bring all your loot to the outpost to sell it! You can sell your loot just like you normally would and if your faction controls the outpost you will receive the sell boost!

    Everyone gets access to /printer which makes printing in large schematics far easier.

    Koths will occur regularly on the server and the winners will receive a KoTH key.

    Discord Integration
    You may type !ftop or !prices in the discord to see live statistics from the server!

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    #HYPE! I hope people will like the Economy! :)