Important Factions Canhagen (Season 1)

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    Factions Canhagen 1.5

    October 20th at 2 PM EST

    Factions Top
    Canhagen will be featuring $2,200+ in prizes! The season will last 3 weeks
    and two of those weeks have a payout.

    Weeks 2 and 3
    First Place - $250 PayPal & 150 BuyCraft
    Second Place - $200 PayPal & 100 BuyCraft
    Third Place - 75 PayPal & 100 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place 50 PayPal & - $75 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place - $50 BuyCraft

    First Place - $500 PayPal & $300 BuyCraft
    Second Place - $400 PayPal & $200 BuyCraft
    Third Place - $150 PayPal & $200 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place - 100 PayPal 150 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place - 100 BuyCraft"

    General Information

    There will be a total of 4 claimable worlds.

    Overworld - 4,000 x 4,000 border
    The End - 4,000 x 4,000 border
    Sandstone y:30
    The Nether - 4,000 x 4,000
    Netherrack y:30
    The Moon - 4,000 x 4,000
    Stone y:30
    Canhagen will have a one week grace period. During the grace period, all explosions are disabled. "Bitch claims" will be removed from corners for the first 24 hours of the grace period. If you need a "bitch claim" removed please open a ticket in our discord.

    Fly will be completely disabled for the first 30 minutes of the season.
    Corner Chests will be given 20 minutes after sotw.

    The economy will be a well balanced combination of cactus and cane. Factions are allowed to have up to 100 chunks of cactus.

    Factions Information

    Players per faction: 35
    Power per player: 100
    Allies: 0


    Hopper Upgrades (New)

    Sick of creative massive ugly hopper floors in your base? This season we have implemented a brand new hopper system that can teleport items through the air to chests of your choice! This enables you to sell your cactus far more efficiently!

    /fps (New)
    Does your computer sound like an airplane when you enter your cactus farm or fire a cannon? We have added a simple way for you to turn on and off what you want to see. You can toggle spawners, tnt, sand, common farm drops, hoppers, chests, particles, and spawned mobs!

    Spawner Worth (Revamped)
    Spawners will not stack and will not be storable in player vaults. Spawners will take 72 hours to reach their maximum value. If they are mined or unclaimed their value will be reset.

    At the foundry, you may exchange your faction points for items that are typically only available through buycraft. Beware you must escape the town through the exit portal to keep the items you forged. Faction points are acquired by controlling the outpost, capturing KoTHs, crate rewards, and other competitions held on the server.

    Chunk Loaders (New)
    Do you ever feel that you need to purchase alts from a spooky website in order to be competitive? We have implemented a new feature that changes the way you will afk your spawners. Chunkloaders must now be charged with xp to keep chunks loaded! This evens the playing field for factions of all sizes because we do not have a system for faction alts.

    Exit Portal (New)
    Last season I hear numerous players complain that forging items at the foundry was too easy. This season we have added an exit portal to encourage strategic pvp. This exit portal is located inside of the ship at the dock KoTH.

    Best Base Design (New)
    I want to see factions take a little bit of pride in their base this season so I will be rewarding the best interior base design with $100 PayPal. Creating a video showcase will help your chances of winning.

    mcMMO (Returning)
    This season we will be welcoming mcMMO back to the SadonMC community! Combat mcMMO will be disabled.
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