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    With season 4 in a few short weeks, I've decided that it's time to start the discord invite competition! You're all encouraged to invite any and everyone who may be interested in playing this season. Please do not spam random players because it's not a good look for SadonMC.

    Competition Rewards

    10 Invites: 3x3 Shockwave Pickaxe.
    15 Invites: Utility Crate.
    20 Invites: Tartarus Rank.
    25 Invites: Sell Wand.
    30 Invites: Chunk Loader.
    35 Invites: Nyx Rank.
    40 Invites: Erebus Rank.
    45 Invites: Gaia Rank.
    50 Invites: EXCLUSIVE RANK!

    Top Inviters

    The three players with the most invites will receive the following:

    1st: A corner of their choice, $10 Paypal. Chaos Rank Voucher
    2nd: An overworld corner, Chaos Rank Voucher
    3rd: Chaos Rank Voucher!

    Suggested copypaste format

    :crossed_swords: SadonMC Factions Season 4 Releases June 23rd! :crossed_swords:
    ➥ Loads of competition!
    ➥ Faction Wars (not faction duels)
    ➥ Dynamic Economy!
    **Server IP:**
    **Discord:** { }

    You may not spam players or other discords! You must only invite players who may be interested in playing on the server!
    You must ensure that your invites are genuine.
    You will not attempt to boost your invites in any way!
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